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Arts & Cultural

Swann Covered Bridge


Blount Springs Blue Hole Arts Fest

Blountsville Daffodil Festival (1st Saturday of May)

Blountsville Harvest Festival (2nd Saturday of October)

Hayden Day (1st Saturday of October)

Locust Fork Whitewater Classic – Cleveland (3rd weekend of March)

Locust Fork Whitewater Invitational –  Cleveland (1st Weekend of February)

Mulberry Fork Canoe & Kayak Race – Garden City (1st weekend of March)

NEW FESTIVAL (3rd Weekend of May)

Family Entertainment

Great Pumpkin Patch

Hayden’s Family Complex/Froggy’s

Shar-itt Petting Farm

Spring Valley Beach

Genealogy, History and Heritage


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Blount County was created by the Alabama Territorial legislature on 1818 Feb. 6, from land ceded to the Federal government by the Creek Nation on 1814 Aug. 9. It was named for Gov. Willie G. Blount of Tennessee, who provided assistance to settlers in Alabama during the Creek War of 1813-14. It lies in the northeastern section of the state, generally known as the mineral region. Blount County is bordered by Cullman, Marshall, Etowah, Jefferson, Walker and St. Clair Counties. The county is drained by the Locust and Mulberry Forks of the Black Warrior River. Blount County contains 651 square miles. The Warrior coal field is located in Blount County. Bear Meat Cabin / Blountsville was the first settlement in Blount County and the county seat. The town was established by Caleb Fryley and John Jones in 1816 as Bear Meat Cabin. The post office was opened in 1821. Blountsville was incorporated December 13 ,1827. In 1889, an election resulted in its county seat being transferred to Oneonta, Alabama.

Blount County Memorial Museum (Oneonta)

Bangor Cave Underground Bar & Casino (Bangor)–_underground_nig.html

Bear Meat Cabin (Blountsville)

Blount Springs Resort

Davy Crockett Nearly Dies in Blount Springs

Hayden, The history of

Locust Fork, The history of

Robert G. Griffith House (Summit, 1851)

Outdoor Recreation

Canoeing, Kayaking & Whitewater   

Mulberry Fork (10.8 miles long) Class I-II

Mulberry (11.5 miles long) Class I-III

Locust Fork (10 miles long) Class I-III

Blackburn Fork (4.2 miles long) Class I-III

Nectar Bridge (7 miles long) Class II-III

Calvert Prong (2.2 miles long) Class II-III

Graves Creek (1.5-mile-long) Class III

Mill Creek (.5 mile-long) Class III

Chitwood Creek (3.2 miles long) Class III-IV





Wildlife Viewing

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